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Let’s talk about chords this week. There are plenty of types of chords, but they are still come from the basic types, for example, major, minor, diminished, augmented chords.  If we go more in-depth, actually there are some extension chords as well. For example, major seventh, minor seventh, minor-major seventh, diminished seventh,  augmented seventh and etc. […]

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Music Scales

Let’s talk about music scales this week. We have the common and basic scales which are in major and minor. Actually, we have other types of scales which are Church Mode, Whole Tone Scales, and Octatonic Scales. I have included the church modes as well, which are Ionian (1), Dorian (2), Phrygian (3), Lydian (4), Mixolydian (5), Aeolian (6), Locrian (7). I have also included the Whole Tone Scales (6 notes) and Octatonic Scales (8 notes).

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