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Music Scales

Let’s talk about music scales this week. We have the common and basic scales which are in major and minor. Actually, we have other types of scales which are Church ModeWhole Tone Scales, and Octatonic Scales. I have included the church modes as well, which are Ionian (1), Dorian (2), Phrygian (3), Lydian (4), Mixolydian (5), Aeolian (6), Locrian (7).

I have also included the Whole Tone Scales (6 notes) and Octatonic Scales (8 notes). If you look carefully, there are only two types of Whole Tone Scales and Octatonic Scales. The reason is that, even how you tweak it, it is still come from the same root note, it’s either in C or Db for Whole Tone Scales.  

There are two types of relationships in Octatonic Scales. Either start from tone > semitone > tone > semitone > etc, or start from > semitone > tone > semitone > tone > etc. No matter which type you are using, in the end, you still will back to the root note. 

Hope you gain something from here. Feel free to discuss anything if you would like to!

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